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Physical books ensure the sacred teachings are available if internet access is not available and over time regardless of technology.

Help ensure Jesus' sacred teachings and the solution for the mysteries are available for generations to come.


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ISBN: 978-1-7337740-1-7

Downloadable High-Quality Off-line eBook

All updates for one year

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Full Color - Standard Ink

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Combo Pack

Combo Pack Includes -Value $234.00

  • Amen Code - Part 1 (Paperback - Full color)  839 pages
  • Systemic Reform Solutions - Part 2 (Paperback - Full color)  214 pages
  • Evidence CD
  • Full Online and Offline Access
$175.00 each
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Premium Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-7337740-2-4

Premium Color - Printed on 70lb White Paper for a long lasting book

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First edition signed Books

  • Versions 6.0 through 3.0
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