Cop·tic (ˈkäptik)
Noun: The language of the Copts, which represents the final stage of ancient Egyptian. It now survives only as the liturgical language of the Coptic Church. 
Adjective: Relating to the Copts or their language.
Copts (Ethnicity)
The Copts are an ethno-religious group indigenous to North Africa who have primarily inhabited the area of modern Egypt and Sudan since antiquity. Most ethnic Copts are Coptic Orthodox Christians. Coptic Orthodox Christians are the largest Christian denomination in Egypt and in the Middle East.

 Issued by: Ordination Institute

Mastery of Sacred Gnosis - Professional Certification (MSGPC)

The MSG Professional Certification is the most important recognition biblical, theologian, and ministry professionals can achieve.

All Amen Code course attendees are eligible for professional certification.


Certification eligibility requirements: 

  • 16-credit hours in the Advance Teaching of Jesus Christ; 
  • Minimum course work grade equivalence of 83.3% (A+ to A-);
  • Certification Exam
  • Final project grade equivalence of 83.3% (A+ to A-);
  • Peer-Review


Project Requirements 

Written decipherment and analysis of:

  • Biblical Text (2)
  • Sacred Scripture (2)
  • The work must be original.
  • Total word count not to exceed 10,000 words per analysis. 

Project Review

  • Your final project decipherment and analysis will be reviewed by a panel member, who must confirm recommendation for peer review.
  • Recommendations will be based solely on your final project.
  • Arbitration - If you do not agree with the blind review assessment, a letter requesting a joint panel review must be received within 30-days. 


Peer Review

  • You will orally present your project decipherments.
  • A question and answer session referencing any course material will be conducted by the Ordination Institute's Certification Panel.
  • The panel will privately rate your discourse and answers and submit their opinion regarding your credentials.
  • A peer-review rating of at least 83.3% is required to achieve the Mastery of Sacred Gnosis - Professional Certification (MSGPC). 


Peer Review and QA    
AdvanCN Member:   $600.00 USD
Non-member:    $675.00 USD


Continuing Education

To maintain MSGPC status, professionals commit to four peer reviews each year.

Amen Code Course


How to enroll?

  1. Prior to enrollment, create and confirm your account at
    (An account is required to access the Course Portal)
  2. Select a Live Online Course or At Your Pace Course
  3. Donate no less than the suggested minimum donation
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  6. You will be auto-enrolled or you will have received a voucher, depending on your course selection
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What version of the Amen Code book is the video and lecture series based on?

The video and lecture series are based on versions produced since Jan-2020. 

Change Log

  • More than 380 pages were added to the advance teachings to ensure complete understanding of the solutions for the mysteries as well as excerpts from the Sacred Scriptures.
  • The order of the evidence was altered.





When does the class start?

The live lecture and video series will begin in July of 2022. Pre-enrollment is recommended, as a course may be cancelled for low registration numbers.
Attendees who pre-enroll will receive early access to the course.



What does the course include?

  • Access to every lesson in the class and updates
  • Access to reading guidance and quizzes to test your understanding
  • Access to an active community of engaged learners
  • Access to the instructor for feedback and answers to your questions, during regular class time
  • Optional: Office Hours during non-class times are available


What format does the class take?

The Master Class is an immersive online experience. The curriculum for each Master Class is designed by the instructor.
Each online course includes live online lectures and may include pre-recorded video content, a class workbook, interactive assignments, and community activities.
Videos are viewable at any time and can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched.
In addition, attendees can utilize the class discussion forum to share their thoughts and to provide feedback to the instructor.


How long is the class?

The lecture series is twelve weeks. Sessions meet one day per week (Monday through Saturday).
Each class duration is 2-hours.


Is the class live?

Yes. The lecture series is live and may include pre-recorded video lessons, which can be watched at any time. 
There will be opportunities to connect with other attendees in the community, in real-time. 
We'll announce any community activities in advance and as they happen.





How can I receive professional credit for this course?

If you require professional credit hours or certification for the course, add the professional certification option when ordering your course, or, you can apply for certification after you complete the course.

Upon completion, a certificate will be issued to you and registered with the Ordination Institute.





What are Instructor Communication Credits?

IC Credits (ICCs) are required for non-lecture time periods with an instructor.
ICC's help to compensate instructors for their time and to maintain the required equipment to bring the lectures and real-time communication to you.


Instruction Communication Credit Required - Per Hour

Group Instruction and Lecture   1 ICC - All Lectures
Individual Instruction   4 ICCs - Assistant Instructors 
Individual Instruction   6 ICCs - Professors

Purchase ICC Credits 
$10.00 per lecture credit
$140.00 for 16 lecture credits
$264.00 for 30 lecture credits


Can I download the videos?

The videos are available online within the course portal.


Does my class expire?

Your subscription will be available for 90-days. You can resubscribe at any time. 

Once you have completed the Master Class, your course will expire, and you will be enrolled in an alumni group.

How do I contact my Master Course instructor?

Once you login to the course portal you will be able to communicate with your instructor.

Select the communication or message icon at the top-right of the course.



Enroll in the Live Online Course



Evidence Tools

A general review of the tools within the discourse and the framework used for mathematical confirmation of the mysteries of the heavens, the invisible and visible realms, and the process of how things come into existence from the state of invisibility.  And, a summary discussion of the findings.


Sacred Scripture

A historical review of Jesus' Sacred Teachings, and a discussion about why they were hidden from the people.  As well as, a discussion about the legitimacy of Jesus’ biblical and sacred teachings.


Revelation Key

The first required sign for revealing the numerous mysteries within the sacred scriptures.


Gematria - Name to Number Decipherment

Understanding the conversion method for converting names and words into numeric characters.


Dimensional Plot Charts

Understanding the creation process within the material realm and the framework of the Dimensional Plot Charts.  And, defining and understanding the theory of strings and the unified field theory used in the creation process.


The Multiverse

Defining and understanding the mysteries with the sacred teachings that enable modeling of the multiverse of material and invisible realms.


Proof of the Heavens and the Divine Realms

Decoding, building, and confirming the Divine Realms of the Heavens.


Evidence Conclusions

Confirmation of the mysteries and prophecies within the Sacred Teachings and the Bible, and confirmation of the realms, the beings within them, and the Ineffable God.


Belief and Action Alignment

Understanding the divine plan for mankind, the process of ascension, the deconstruction process of the soul, and the renouncement Jesus commands of destructive acts. 


Pyramid Connection

The role the Pyramids play in understanding the Divine Realms and how they confirm our evidence.


Decipherment of the Ancient Mysteries

Understanding and decoding the Biblical prophecies that confirm man’s divine rights, individual sovereignty; and the corruption of the churches, political leaders, and the elite.


Strategic Plan for Social and Economic Security

Overview of systems and processes compliant with divine law for the betterment of society and the ascendance of the soul.