Enrolling in the Amen Code Course


How to enroll?

  1. Prior to enrollment, create and confirm your account
    (An AmenCode.com Account is required to access the Course Portal)
  2. Select the Enrollment button
  3. Select a Live Online Course or Video Series
  4. Donate no less than the suggested minimum donation
    Your donation helps to cover the cost of HD video storage and streaming fees, website security maintenance and components, production and equipment, and administration.
  5. You will receive an email with log-in details
  6. Log in to the course portal with your AmenCode.com user name and password
  7. You will be auto-enrolled or you will have received a voucher, depending on your course selection
  8. If, you receive a voucher, enter the unique voucher number and you will be granted access to the course




What version of the Amen Code book is the video and lecture series based on?

The video and lecture series are based on version Jan-2020. All previous versions lack the additional pages of the advanced teachings. 

Change Log

  • More than 380 pages were added to the advance teachings to ensure complete understanding of the solutions for the mysteries as well as excerpts from the Sacred Scriptures.
  • The order of the evidence was altered.





When does the class start?

The live lecture and video series will begin in June of 2020. 
Attendees who pre-enroll will receive early access to the class.



What does the donation fee include?

  • Access to every lesson in the class and updates
  • Access to assignments
  • Membership in an active community of engaged learners
  • Access to the instructor for feedback and answers during regular class time
  • Optional: Office Hours during non-class times are available


What format does the class take?

The Master Class is an immersive online experience. The curriculum for each Master Class is designed by the instructor.
Each live online course includes live online lectures, extensive pre-recorded video content, and may include a class workbook, interactive assignments, and community activities.
The videos are viewable at any time and can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched.
In addition, attendees can utilize the class discussion forum to share their thoughts and to provide feedback on others' work.


How long is the class?

The live lecture series is six weeks. Sessions meet one day per week (Monday through Saturday).
Each class duration is 2-hours.


Is the class live?

Yes. The lecture series is live and may include pre-recorded video lessons, which can be watched at any time. 
There will be opportunities to connect with other attendees in the community, in real-time. 
We'll announce any community activities in advance and as they happen.





How can I receive professional credit for this course?

If you require professional credit hours or certification for the course, please select the professional credit or certification options.

Upon completion, a certificate will be issued to you.





What are Instructor Communication Credits?

IC Credits (ICCs) are required for non-lecture time periods with an instructor.
ICC's help to compensate instructors for their time and to maintain the required equipment to bring the lectures and real-time communication to you.


Instruction Communication Credit Required - Per Hour

Group Instruction and Lecture   1 ICC - All Lectures
Individual Instruction   4 ICCs - Assistant Instructors 
Individual Instruction   6 ICCs - Professors

Purchase ICC Credits 
$10.00 per lecture credit
$140.00 for 16 lecture credits
$264.00 for 30 lecture credits


Can I download the videos?

The videos are available online - a DVD can be purchased. Purchase the DVD


Does my class expire?

Once you have enrolled in the Master Class you have access to the video series so long as you remain registered and login at least every six months. 
You can return to the videos at any time to watch or review them.

How do I contact my Master Course instructor?

Once you login to the course portal you will be able to communicate with your cohort group's instructor.

Select the communication or message icon at the top-right of the course.