Issued by: Ordination Institute

Mastery of Sacred Gnosis - Professional Certification (MSGPC)

The MSG Professional Certification is the most important recognition biblical, theologian, and ministry professionals can achieve.

All Amen Code course attendees are eligible for professional certification.


Certification eligibility requirements: 

  • 16-credit hours in the Advance Teaching of Jesus Christ; 
  • Minimum course work grade equivalence of 83.3% (A+ to A-);
  • Certification Exam
  • Final project grade equivalence of 83.3% (A+ to A-);
  • Peer-Review


Project Requirements 

Written decipherment and analysis of:

  • Biblical Text (2)
  • Sacred Scripture (2)
  • The work must be original.
  • Total word count not to exceed 10,000 words per analysis. 

Project Review

  • Your final project decipherment and analysis will be reviewed by a panel member, who must confirm recommendation for peer review.
  • Recommendations will be based solely on your final project.
  • Arbitration - If you do not agree with the blind review assessment, a letter requesting a joint panel review must be received within 30-days. 


Peer Review

  • You will orally present your project decipherments.
  • A question and answer session referencing any course material will be conducted by the Ordination Institute's Certification Panel.
  • The panel will privately rate your discourse and answers and submit their opinion regard your credentials.
  • A peer-review rating of at least 83.3% is required to achieve the Mastery of Sacred Gnosis - Professional Certification (MSGPC). 


Peer Review and QA    
AdvanCN Member:   $600.00 USD
Non-member:    $675.00 USD


Continuing Education

To maintain MSGPC status, professionals commit to four peer reviews each year.