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Evidence Tools

A general review of the tools within the discourse and the framework used for mathematical confirmation of the mysteries of the heavens, the invisible and visible realms, and the process of how things come into existence from the state of invisibility. Also, a summary discussion of the findings.


Sacred Scripture

A historical review of Jesus' Sacred Teachings, and a discussion about why they were hidden from the people. As well as a discussion about the legitimacy of Jesus’ biblical and sacred teachings.


Revelation Key

The first required sign for revealing the numerous mysteries within the sacred scriptures.


Gematria - Name to Number Decipherment

Understanding the conversion method for converting names and words into numeric characters.


Dimensional Plot Charts

Understanding the creation process within the material realm and the framework of the Dimensional Plot Charts, as well as defining and understanding the theory of strings and the unified field theory used in the creation process.


The Multiverse

Defining and understanding the mysteries with the sacred teachings that enable modeling of the multiverse of material and invisible realms.


Proof of the Heavens and the Divine Realms

Decoding, building, and confirming the Divine Realms of the Heavens.


Evidence Conclusions

Confirmation of the mysteries and prophecies within the Sacred Teachings and the Bible, and confirmation of the realms, the beings within them, and the Ineffable God.


Belief and Action Alignment

Understanding the divine plan for mankind, the process of ascension, the deconstruction process of the soul, and the renouncement Jesus commands of destructive acts.


Pyramid Connection

The role the Pyramids play in understanding the Divine Realms, and how they confirm our evidence.


Decipherment of the Ancient Mysteries

Understanding and decoding the Biblical prophecies that confirm man’s divine rights, individual sovereignty; and the corruption of the churches, political leaders, and the elite.


Strategic Plan for Social and Economic Security

Overview of systems and processes compliant with divine law for the betterment of society and the ascendance of the soul.